It is difficult to determine what it takes to be a good ICT professional. Which competences do you need in your current role and, more importantly, which competences do you need in the future? How can you as a professional continue to grow in order to be ready for all the new challenges you will face?


e-Competence Framework

In order to identify the competences of ICT professionals, the European Commission has developed a useful tool: the e-Competence Framework (e-CF). This frame of reference consists of 40 e-competences on five different levels that play an important role in, and in relation to, ICT. The e-CF is a common language that professionals can use to make their knowledge and skills transparent. Businesses can use the language to specify their requirements, while trainers can use it to fine-tune their programs. 


Show your competences

Since 1984, EXIN has been using its expertise to identify the competences of ICT professionals. Using the e-CF, it helps these professionals to develop their competences. In line with the e-CF, EXIN offers a variety of services that enable professionals to define their e-competences; these services range from an easy-to-perform self-scan to fully independent certification.


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