European e-Competence Framework

European e-Competence Framework

e-CF, the solution for mismatch between supply and demand

The e-Competence Assessment is based on the e-Competence Framework (e-CF). This frame of reference is especially developed for professionals who work in the ICT domain. It describes which e-Competences are needed in organizations and provides a common language with regard to these competences. By using the same terminology it is easier to match the different competences. The main benefit is preventing mismatch between demand (what does the organization need) and supply (what a professional is able to do).

Competence areas aligned with ICT business processes

The e-CF consists of four dimensions:

  • 5 competence areas derived from the ICT business processes (Plan, Build, Run, Enable and Manage).
  • 40 e-Competences spread out over the 5 competence areas.
  • 5 levels of professionalization (levels of skills).
  • Examples of knowledge and skills related to every competence.

From theory to practice

The e-CF is  a theoretical framework. To be able to use the framework in a practical way a translation was necessary. With its experience in and extensive knowledge of the competences of professionals who work in the ICT domain, EXIN has fulfilled this task. The 40 e-Competences were translated and developed into manageable and measurable parts.
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