ICT Operation Manager

Manages operations, people and overall resources for the ICT activity.



Implements and maintains a designated part of the ICT infrastructure. Ensures that activities are conducted in accordance with organizational rules, processes and standards. Anticipates necessary changes according to company strategy and cost controls.

Evaluates and recommends investments based on new technologies. Ensures the effectiveness of the ICT and associated risk management.



Accountable for

Budget Plan

Responsible for

HR Development Plan

Training Program

Contributor for Eco-Responsibilities Referential

Main task(s)

  • Coordinate and manage staff
  • Direct, organize, plan and monitor activities
  • Negotiate the objectives and resources
  • Manage the departmental budget
  • Establish and monitor management information
  • Analyse and propose solutions for the continuous productivity improvement
  • Manage the implementation and monitoring of IS quality assurance and security
  • Communicate with internal business departments and project owners

KPI area

Optimization of overall resources

e-Competences for this profile

Personnel Development
Risk Management 3
ICT Quality Management 3
Business Change Management 4
Information Security Management 3
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