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Why is certification important?

Surgeons, teachers, lawyers and dentists: all professions that require stringent certification programmes. If IT is so important to organizations, then shouldn't IT professionals also be included in this list? We believe so. IT certificates validate your skills. You increase your career opportunities and you work more effectively with co-workers and clients. And something which can be said of all EXIN-certified individuals is that the certificate enhances your reputation. It is the international standard and is therefore the best way to evidence your qualities.


Organizations with certified personnel have more competencies in house. They increase their human capital and have lower employee turnover. This can mean considerable savings in terms of hiring in specialists. Yet another benefit is that certified employees operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. Investment in people and training therefore more than pays for itself and increases job satisfaction.

The people factor

Traditional IT is slowly disappearing. Now, it's all about information management and business process management. This means that a lot more people are involved in IT than technicians alone. Monitoring and managing information is no longer the responsibility of IT professionals, but rather of everyone who has access to it. People throughout the whole organization are involved in information management. This demands new knowledge and skills, applicable across many roles.


Role-based competencies

EXIN certificates demonstrate that people actually possess the competencies they need in order to do their work effectively. It's not just about having knowledge: the attitude, conduct and qualities needed for a role form the basis for successfully sitting an exam and obtaining a certificate. EXIN offers the most comprehensive portfolio of information management exams in the world.


Why is EXIN the trusted partner in information management?

EXIN has been the market leader in IT Service Management certification for many years. Today, more than 1.5 million IT professionals worldwide hold an EXIN certificate. Together with more than 1,000 accredited partners, EXIN facilitates examinations across 125 countries and 19 languages. It is not without good reason that EXIN is one of the co-founders of ITIL®.

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