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EXIN works with hundreds of partners worldwide. Our partners span various fields:


1. Training providers

Accredited Training Provider (ATO)

The organization is permitted to provide training for EXIN certificates. The trainers are personally accredited.

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2. Trainers

Freelance Trainer (AT)

An independent trainer who has been accredited by EXIN to offer training. ATs always provide training under the designation of an ATP.

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3. Examination centers

Accredited Examination Center (AEO)

The organization is permitted to hold exams for EXIN certificates. EXIN offers accreditation for the location, the Supervisor and the employees responsible for order processing.

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4. Courseware

Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP)

The organization is permitted to develop courseware for EXIN exams, for use by ATP's.

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These partners are accredited by EXIN to carry out their activities. Accreditation is valid indefinitely. We do, however, periodically check to ensure that the accredited elements of the organization still meet the conditions of accreditation.


Leading partners

EXIN develops exams that are aligned with industry best practices. That's why we work with leading corporations in the field of Information Management. Prometric and Pearson Vue are our major partners for providing examination services.


Prometric logo


Prometric is an international organization with around 2,500 employees. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Prometric is the world's leading provider of computer-based examination services and, with approximately 10,000 sites, is active in around 160 countries.

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Pearson Vue Logo

Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue is an international provider of test centers. A subsidiary of Pearson (whose businesses also include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group), Pearson Vue operates high quality test centers across 165 countries.

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Logo Van Haren Publishing

Van Haren Publishing

Established in 2001, Van Haren Publishing is a leading publisher in the field of information management and business process management. Van Haren is an international publisher with offices in the United States, China, England and Australia. It furthermore has distributors in more than 40 countries and publishes books in 14 languages.

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