Sitting the exam

Sitting the exam

Bring a valid form of identification with you. When registering for your exam, you also stated where you were going to take the exam. View the description of the route to one of the five Open University study centres in Alkmaar, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Zwolle. Allow plenty of time for your journey and make sure you arrive at the location of the exam in good time.


Exam tips:

  • Answer the easy questions first, then tackle the difficult ones. This way you won’t spend too much time stuck on a difficult question.
  • For open questions: Read each question carefully. If you are asked to give four arguments, then give exactly four. Write clearly and don’t simply write everything that comes to mind, hoping the examiners will pick out the correct answer.
  • For multiple-choice questions: think of the answer yourself, before looking at the possible options. Always give an answer.
  • Check to see that you've answered every question.
  • Submit all exam documents to the exam supervisor (incl. note paper)


Once the exam is over, you can work out your grade yourself.

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