Exam preparation

Obtaining an EXIN certificate is a great move in your career. What is the best way to prepare for the exam?


Self-study or training

When preparing for a Foundation-level exam, you have the option of taking up self-study, or training through an EXIN-accredited training provider. Formal training is compulsory for all higher level examinations. Book your own exam with EXIN.


Choose an accredited trainer to ensure you are getting all the preparation you need, in terms of both content and assistance.


Have you opted for self-study? Then sit your exam at one of the five Open University study centres in Alkmaar, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Zwolle.[link naar route]


Sample exams

Before sitting the exam, make sure you do a sample exam, then you know what to expect. Sample questions for the Foundation exams are available on the corresponding examination page. Sample exams for higher levels can be obtained from your trainer. 


Exam requirements

You will find the exam requirements set by EXIN for each exam on the corresponding exam page.

On the day of the exam

Make sure you know exactly where the exam is being held and how to get there. Allow time for delays as a result of traffic jams, parking, trains running late, or missing your train. We have a few tips for during the exam.

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