EXIN is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 1984, the ministry took the decision to introduce an examination for training in the 'computerization and mechanization of management information processing' (AMBI). That initiative was the EXIN Foundation (abbreviation of Examinations Institute), which later became the business EXIN. EXIN went on to produce various other IT standards, such as the IT Practical Diploma (PDI), ITIL®, PRINCE2® and ISPL. EXIN has provided certification in this field for many years.


IT Competence Framework

In the 1990s, EXIN worked with a number of other IT organizations to develop Frameworks: a framework of IT competences, based on the European Career Space standard.  Since then, the European Competence Framework has been developed (with the cooperation of EXIN), which allows EXIN to position the exam programme within the international arena.


Current developments

The world of ‘traditional IT’ is always changing. The management of information and business processes is becoming increasingly important as a field of activity. Monitoring and managing information is no longer the responsibility of IT professionals, but rather of everyone who has access to it.


For an organization to be strong, it is essential that the people develop the right skills and mentality. EXIN responds to this need with Tracks, a flexible role-based qualification programme with elements of AMBI and PDI. In 2010, EXIN furthermore launched two new programmes: EXIN IT Service Management (according to ISO/IEC 20000) and Information Security (based on 27002).

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