The People factor

Traditional ICT is disappearing. Now it's all about Information Management and Business Process Management. A lot more people are involved in ICT than technicians alone. Information Management is no longer the sole responsibility of ICT professionals; people throughout the organization are involved in monitoring and managing information. This demands new knowledge and skills, applicable across many roles.


Introduction to the Whitepaper


Information Technology (IT) has changed both our private and professional lives. Smart phones, online shopping, videoconferencing and social media have introduced new leisure activities, while sophisticated enterprise systems have introduced new business models and profes sional roles. Managing information has both become more complex and is now recognized as a key success factor for individuals and organizations alike. After the first wave of IT professionalism with the software revo lution in the seventies and eighties, and the second wave with the rise of IT service management in the last fifteen years, the emphasis is now shifting towards utilization and dissemination of information. A third wave of IT professionalism is rising with new roles, new responsibilities and new skills set: the wave of Information Management .


Taking advantage of the possibilities that technology offers and dealing with the increased complexity of the information flow requires new skills sets. ‘Traditional’ IT is changing and increasingly developing into information management and business process management. Safeguarding and managing information in an organization is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the technicians but one shared by everyone who has access to it.


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