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EXIN delivers greater accessibility to candidates by offering online examinations anytime – anywhere with ‘EXIN Anywhere - Exams Online’ testing solution

EXIN Anywhere - Exams Online is a new, secure, and convenient way to take an IT exam at EXIN. Candidates no longer need to travel, and have flexibility to take a test whenever and wherever they choose –allowing candidates to focus on taking the exam, not the logistics of where to take it. 


EXIN’s CEO, Michiel van der Lande, about taking exams online: “This innovative way of taking exams offers enormous benefits to candidates. Using their own computer and webcam, IT professionals can now take their exams on-demand and securely at a time and location that suits them. It saves travel time to testing centers, and reduces the stress of taking an exam.”


Now, with Exams Online, taking an online exam is as easy as one-two-three.  Step 1 - Candidates registering for an online exam enter a secure environment; Step 2 - The candidate’s identity is verified and exam room conditions are scanned by the webcam; Step 3 - The candidate takes the exam, during which the candidate is monitored for violations of exam policy, similar to those in a proctored classroom setting, i.e. talking to others, accessing the internet, or leaving the room.


EXIN developed this secure online proctoring solution in conjunction with Software Secure, the market leader in secure and cost-effective computer-based testing solutions for traditional and distance learning environments in higher education and certification programs.  Douglas M. Winneg, CEO and founder of Software Secure, said “We are delighted to partner with EXIN, one of the leaders in the IT Certification industry, to provide Software Secure’s innovative technology as an integral part of EXIN’s strategy to deliver certification exams more conveniently for busy IT professionals – but with the same exam integrity as found in a proctored testing center”.  


EXIN Anywhere - Exams Online eliminates the need for acquiring new hardware or software, or pre-scheduling a proctor. This service provides candidates with an easily accessible and convenient method to take their exams.

‘Exams Online’ is available as of April 2, 2012 in the US. Candidates can take the following exams online (all Foundation level): ITIL, ITSM, EXIN Cloud Computing, Green IT, IT Security and all other EXIN exams.


EXIN will initially launch the service in the United States of America. However, EXIN Anywhere - Exams Online will also be made available in other countries in the near future. Additional services will be launched around the summer of 2012 which will expand EXIN Anywhere into a convenient enterprise solution for large organizations and training partners as well. 


For further information please contact Tracy Roche


About EXIN

EXIN is an internationally recognized organization for the certification of professionals in information management. In addition, EXIN accredits training providers and trainers, therefore the quality of education is guaranteed. Worldwide, over 1.5 million professionals are certified by EXIN. Candidates can take an EXIN exam in more than 125 countries and 19 languages. Using an international expert network, EXIN is aware of the latest developments in information management.


About Software Secure

Software Secure is a leading provider of secure and cost-effective computer-based testing solutions for traditional and distance learning environments in higher education and certification programs. With a suite of products that provide robust authentication and tiered-levels of security, institutions can now achieve secure, convenient and scalable exam integrity wherever or whenever exams are administered. A 2011 CODiE Award winner, academic institutions trust Software Secure for solutions that help them achieve regional and national accreditation standards including those found in the HEOA 2008.




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