EXIN® Competence Scan

EXIN® Competence Scan

The EXIN® Competence Scan gives you a quick overview of the main e-competences of your workforce:


  • The Competence Scan is a unique, interactive online service that enables your employees to quickly and easily get a rough idea of their top seven e-competences.
  • Answering the questions takes only 20-30 minutes.
  • Based on their answers, the employee receives the results specifying their seven strongest competences (a PDF-report objectively highlighting individual strengths based on the e-CF framework) and can compare this to standard job profiles
  • Employers and staffing-organizations gain additional insights in the strongest e-competences of their ICT-professionals, with this they have seven additional attributes for selection. Employees can report their seven strongest e-skills in their resumes. To measure all e-Competences and their proficiency levels, the EXIN® Competence Assessment is the right tool.
  • An organization with a high volume of ICT-professionals that wants to have some additional objective criteria to pre-select people for tasks or projects, or that has to quickly select the right people for the second phase of a requirement process, will find the Competence Scan a cost-effective and efficient tool . To make a heat-map of a whole company and to find the strongest competence areas of departments, the results of EXIN’s Competence Scan are a great start.
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