e-Competence Solutions

e-Competence Solutions

e-Competence and Learning Objective Alignment

ICT competence building and development can help drive organizational effectiveness, but where to start?
EXIN has a variety of services available providing both a baseline for monitoring and managing future ICT competence progress. Identifying the existing and the required ICT-related competences of professionals can be a complicated job for HR departments, recruitment agencies and training organizations.


EXIN has a 30-year background in identifying, benchmarking and certifying individual ICT-related competences. This makes EXIN ideally suited to help HR departments, recruitment agencies, training organizations and professionals succeed in ICT competence and learning objective alignment. The full range of solutions available include e-Competence Assessments, the e-Competence Role Profiler and e-Competence Quality Labels.


e-CF based

EXIN’s e-competence services are all based on the e-Competence Framework (e-CF). The e-CF provides a global common language for a transparent assessment of competences. This framework, originaly an initiative on the EU level, consists of 40 ICT competences and five different proficiency levels.


EXIN’s e-Competence Service offering


e-Competence Assessments

EXIN assessments

EXIN offers a complete range of ICT-related competence assessments for HR departments, recruitment agencies, training companies and individual ICT professionals alike. The four e-Competence Assessments offered by EXIN (Self Scan, Self Assessment, Soft Skill Assessment and Professional Assessment) give customers detailed and e-CF based insight into individual capabilities.

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e-Competence Role Profiler

e-competence role profiler

The EXIN e-Compertence Role Profiler is a highly professional online instrument for setting up customized ICT-related role profiles aligned with individual organization needs. This tool helps to determine the end goal of e-CF based competence development.

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e-Competence Quality Labels

ecompetence quality labels

The world of ICT training and certification looks like a jungle with thousands (really!) of different certificates. The e-Competence Quality Labels aim to help cure the lack of transparency. Based on a mapping of learning outcomes to the e-CF and a set of quality indicators training and certification programs can distinguish themselves by two kinds of Quality Labels: the Quality Label for the program and the Quality Label for the delivery of the program.


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