What is an e-Competence

What is an e-Competence

And how will that be measured during the e-Competence Assessment?


Competences are measured during the e-Competence Assessment. The e-CF definition of the term competence is as follows:


"The demonstrated ability to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes for achieving observable results."

A competence comprises three aspects:

  1. Knowledge,
  2. Skills, and
  3. Attitudes. 

Applying these aspects must lead to observable results.


Competentie - Bollen (1.1 UK)

  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes are applied to achieve observable results in the definition of the term Competence.
  2. A person can have multiple competences.
  3. The term Competence is made measurable during the e-Competence Assessment through the observable results. The result of the assessment will always be: "competence X has been found at an e-CF level Y".
  4. The e-Competence Assessment will give official recognition. The optional European Title is determined based on the number of competences and e-CF levels that you have.


All these aspects return during the assessment. Through the observable results, the assessor will trace back which knowledge you have acquired, which skills you have shown and the attitudes you have used to achieve this. It is not about where your potential is but, during the assessment, it is all about what you have achieved in the recent past.

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