e-Competence Framework

e-Competence Framework

The e-CF (e-Competence Framework) is the European framework on which the EXIN e-Competence Tools are based.


The e-Competence Framework describes which ICT competences are required within companies and organizations. The objective is to offer a general and full set of e-Competences in the European market that can be adapted in different ICT business environments.


e-CF is a dynamic competence framework that has been drawn up by appointment of the European Commission together with the industry (demand and supply sides) and governments to arrive at a universal system of required competences for the many fields within ICT. The e-CF should replace the jumble of existing ICT HR frameworks (that are often national or segment-specific in nature) by a European system with universal terms and definitions followed by international curricula and certificates.


One universal language has been established with regard to competences with the e-Competence Framework. Offered and required competences can be aligned with each other more easily by using the same conceptual framework. Existing local or company-specific competence frameworks, curricula and qualification applications can co-exist with the e-CF. Competences can be compared and can fit in better, in particular, within an international context by matching with the e-CF.

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