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Continuing your education - following training, passing exams, earning certificates - is the key to better job opportunities and/or a higher salary. In IT the more certificates you have, the better your chances of earning a higher wage: on average, certificates offer a 20% pay boost over a high school diploma. And research has shown that 63% of hiring managers feel that certified professionals are more productive then their non-certified peers and are therefore inclined to hire the job applicant with the certificate. Certification demonstrates your commitment to IT practices. Having certified professionals will boost companies’ credibility within the industry and it will save them money in support costs.


23 representative ICT Profiles

To help you choose the right Certification EXIN uses the 23 ICT Profiles of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills to map it's portfolio. These Profiles, combined with e-competences from the e-CF, provide a clear picture of the best suited Certification for each specific Profile.


Business Information Manager

Proposes plans and manages functional and technical evolutions of the Information System within the relevant business domain.

Chief Information Officer

Develops and maintains Information Systems compliant to business and organisation’s needs.

ICT Operations Manager

Manages operations, people and further resources for the ICT activity.

Quality Assurance Manager

Guarantees that Information Systems are delivered according to organization policies (quality, risks, Service Level Agreement.

ICT Security Manager

Manages the Information System security policy.

Project Manager

Manages project to achieve optimal performance that conforms to original specifications.

Service Manager

Plans, implements and manages solution provision.

Business Analyst

Analyses Information System for improving business performance

Systems Analyst

Analyses requirements and specifies software and systems.

Enterprise Architect

Designs and maintains the Enterprise Architecture.

Systems Architect

Plans and is accountable for the implementation and integration of software and/ or ICT systems.


Builds/codes ICT solutions and specifies ICT products according to the customer needs.

Digital Media Specialist

Creates websites and multimedia applications combining the power of digital technology with use of graphics, audio, photographic and video images.

Test Specialist

Designs and performs testing plans.

Database Administrator

Designs and implements, or monitors and maintains databases.

Systems Administrator

Administers ICT System components to meet service requirements.

Technical Specialist

Maintains and repairs hardware and software on client premises.

Network Specialist

Ensures the alignment of the network, including telecommunication and/or computer infrastructure to meet the organization’s communication needs.

Service Desk Agent

Provides first line telephone or email support to clients with technical issues.

ICT Consultant

Supports understanding of how new ICT technologies add value to a business.

Account Manager

Senior focal point for client sales and customer satisfaction.

ICT Trainer

Educates and trains ICT professionals and practitioners to reach predefined standards of ICT technical /business competence.

ICT Security Specialist

Ensures the implementation of the organizations security policy.

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