Quality Assurance Manager

Ensures that Information Systems are delivered according to organizational policies (quality, risks, Service Level Agreement).



Establishes and operates an ICT quality approach compliant with the organization's culture. Ensures that management controls are correctly implemented to safeguard assets, data integrity and operations.

Is focused and committed to the achievement of quality goals and monitors statistics to forecast quality outcomes.



Accountable for

Audit Report

Responsible for Quality Performance Indicators
Contributor for
ICT Quality Policy
Information Security Policy
Quality Assurance
Risk Management Policy

Main task(s)

  • Establish and deploy the ICT quality policy
  • Organize and provide quality training
  • Provide ICT managers with quality performance indicators
  • Perform quality audits
  • Organize customer satisfaction surveys
  • Assist project team members to build and perform project quality plans

KPI area

Achievement of company quality goals

e-Competences for this profile

ICT Quality Strategy Development
Risk Management 3
Process Improvement 3
ICT Quality Management 4
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