Is this an authentic EXIN Certificate?

Certificate authenticityOver 2 million professionals in information management are certified through our services. EXIN takes pride in being a reliable partner for our professionals and the companies for which they work. Certificate authenticity is part of maintaining the integrity of our certified professionals and the certifications we provide.

Why check the authenticity of a certificate?

EXIN encourages employers to check the authenticity of every EXIN certificate. With this check we do not only provide the proof that a certificate has not been tampered with, it also helps us to maintain the value of the certification.

How does the authentication work?

After entering the details in the authentication tool, you will see information about the authenticity of the provided details.

  1. Enter the last name of the certified professional
  2. Enter the certificate number (Where can I find the certificate number?)
  3. Select the correct module
  4. Click on the Authenticate button

If this is an authentic EXIN certificate, you will be able to download a document of proof. If we are unable to authenticate the certificate, you have the option to contact our Contact Service Center.

Please note that the tool only applies to certificates that were issued after 1 January, 2011. If you want to check a certificate that was issued before this date, the candidate can provide you with a recently downloaded digital certificate.

EXIN Certificate Authentication tool

The numbers tell the tale

ICT is essential for you and your customers. Unfortunately 80% of projects are too expensive, take too long or the quality is below par. Often this is because the employee with the correct competences is not positioned at the correct place.


Our e-Competence Assessment will give you objective and independent information that you can use when recruiting ICT Professionals. 
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The people factor

This EXIN whitepaper is a position paper in which a new concept of Information Management is introduced as a way to find solutions to existing problems that organizations are facing.
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