Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant

Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant


The Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC®) course is a three-day course, the participant will learn how to design an ANSI/TIA-942 compliant data centre. It will provide a clear understanding of the requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard and possible implementation variations. EPI and EXIN work together with EXIN Accredited Training Providers (ATP’s) on the EPI Data Center certificates. Therefore you can only book your EPI exams at the official EXIN ATP’s.


Target group

CTDC is a course designed for any professional involved in designing, building, maintaining and operating mission critical data centres and those who wish to attend the CTIA® (Certi­ed TIA-942 Internal Auditor) course.



Data centres are at the core of many organizations. Downtime of the data centre could lead to major losses to the business. As a result, many organizations establish resilience at various levels such as the data centre facilities infrastructure and at the ICT layer. However, following the recommendations from various vendors, consultants and the public domain, information might result in under- or over-specification. Therefore it would be better to follow a commonly accepted standard as the basis for the design and build principles.


e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

The mapping of this certificate against the e-Competence Framework.


 e-CF Area   e-Competence e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
PLAN A.4. Product / Service Planning          
A.5. Architecture Design          
A.8. Sustainable Development          
BUILD B.2. Component Integration          
B.4. Solution Deployment          
B.6. Systems Engineering          
ENABLE D.11. Needs Identification          
MANAGE E.6. ICT Quality Management          
E.8. Information Security Management          



  • Participants must possess a valid data centre training certifi­cate such as CDCP® or any other approved equivalent.
  • Evidence of training of CTDC® by an EXIN accredited training provider.


Exam content

  • Introduction to Data Centre Facilities
  • ANSI/TIA-942
  • Data Centre Space Planning
  • Data Centre Topologies
  • Recommendations for Energy Efficiency
  • Architectural
  • Fire Resistive Requirements
  • Building and Room Access
  • Computer Room
  • Administrative Offices
  • Security Office
  • Operations Centre
  • Restroom and Break Room
  • UPS/Battery Rooms
  • Generator and Fuel Storage Area
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Safety
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Telecommunications


Exam Details

Number of questions: 60

Exam durations: 90 minutes

Pass mark: 83,3% (50 out of 60)

Open book exam: no

Use of electronic devices permitted during the exam: no


This exam is available in these languages:

  • English
  • Latin American Spanish
Interested in another language? Please contact us
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