e-competency based approach

e-competency based approach

Our Expertise

E-CF® NEXT is a People Analytics solution for managers, consultants and sourcing specialists who want to make better data-driven decisions in sourcing, outsourcing and talent development.


Sourcing & Outsourcing

Win the war for IT talent

Finding IT talent with the right skills & experience is one of the biggest problems companies face. Out-dated methods are used to source talent and decisions are made based on resumes, not on proven skills. e-CF® NEXT gives you insights in the required e-competences that need to be sourced and/or outsourced in order to close your IT skills gaps.


Talent Development

Personalize IT learning paths

While learning investments are increasing, more than half of the companies believe their programs are not effective (Deloitte, 2016). e-CF® NEXT gives you insights in the required e-competences for specific job roles to prioritize your investments in the right development programs.


Career Coaching

Take careers forward

IT professionals are in demand: empirica predicts 750.000 new IT jobs by 2020 in Europe. The demand of e-skills keeps growing at a tremendous pace.  e-CF® NEXT gives you insights how to develop towards these (new) IT roles, inside and outside of the organization.


How it works

See how you can implement an e-competency based approach in your organization.

1. Create your e-CF® Profile

We invite professionals to create their e-CF® Profile. The question module takes between 40-60 minutes to complete, and users complete it at their own pace.  Afterwards, the e-CF® Profile is presented and offers direct insight in your e-competences, potential gaps and growth areas. 

Create your e-CF® Profile

2. Generate e-CF® Role Profile(s)

In order to identify your skills gap, we help you create e-CF® Role Profiles. You can create a role profile specific for your organization or use a standard role profile from CEN. 

Generate e-CF® Role Profile(s)

3. Match with e-CF® Learning Profiles

To inspire people how to further develop their skills, we help you to match your Learning Programs with the e-CF®. 

Match with e-CF® Learning Profiles

4. e-Competence insights of the organization

Based on all completed e-CF® Profiles of your organization, we help you analyze the e-competences, the gaps and growth areas for your organization. The insights are presented through the dynamic Analytics Dashboard and through the Insight Reports.




Contact Anouk Willems ( or Anton Hagendijk ( to discuss the opportunities and schedule a demo.

Happy Customers




“One of the biggest challenges was comparing different IT roles and learning programs to identify the right developments paths. To address this challenge EXIN provided an innovative solution consisting of a competence-based talent development approach with actionable insights. It’s definitely a solution for the long-term and will help us quickly respond to changes in the market”

Yvo Verbeek, Achmea Academy


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Anouk Willems ( or
Anton Hagendijk (
to discuss the opportunities and schedule a demo.
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