Certified Information Technology Professional

Certified Information Technology Professional


CITP® (Certified IT Professional) is designed to test the skills, knowledge and competencies required of the modern IT professional working at the entry level of IT. CITP® covers the fundamental processes of IT operations. CITP® candidates will become instantly productive having gained knowledge and understanding of the demands in today’s IT infrastructures. Their improved capabilities will deliver immediate results – increasing efficiency and significantly reducing the margin for errors.


Target group

This certification is intended for aspiring and existing IT professionals from entry level up to two years of actual working experience in IT, with basic knowledge of (operating) systems, network and/or applications, and service desk operations. It is also suited for people who are re-entering the IT professional world.



CITP® is the first level of the IT Training Framework. The IT Training Framework was developed by EPI and offers a career track at three levels - Professional, Specialist and Expert.


e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

The mapping of this certificate against the e-Competence Framework



 e-CF Area   e-Competence e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
PLAN A.4.  Product / Serivce planning          
A.6. Application Design          
BUILD B.1.  Application Development          
B.2. Component Integration          
B.3. Testing          
B.4. Solution Deployment          
B.5. Documentation Production          
RUN C.1. User Support          
  C.3. Service Delivery          
  C.4. Problem Management          
ENABLE D.4. Purchasing          
D.9. Personnel Development          
MANAGE E.2. Project / Portfolio Management          
E.3. Risk Management          
E.6. ICT Quality Management          
E.8. Information Security Management          

Legend for coverage

  General - The competence is covered at the level indicated
  Partial - The competence is covered to some extent
  Superficial - Relevant knowledge is covered to some extent
  The competence level is available in the framework
  The competence level is not available in the framework



Evidence of training of CITP® by an EXIN accredited training provider.


Exam content

- IT Strategy

- IT Organization

- Vendor Selection

- Project Management

- Applications

- System Administration

- Documentation

- Service Management

- Business Continuity Planning

- Risk

- Information Security- Quality


Exam details

Examination type:                                                                   Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions

Number of questions:                                                           40

Pass mark:                                                                              68% (27 out of 40)

Open book exam:                                                                   no

Use of electronic devices permitted during the exam:    no

Time allotted for the examination:                                       60 minutes


Please note that the exam is available in English only.


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