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The importance of digital marketing has grown enormously in recent years as ‘online’ becomes a way of live and for companies the standard way to reach large audiences. It offers a wealth of opportunities for organizations in terms of engaging with customers, building relationships and learning customer behavior. This crossover between ICT and digital will continue to evolve as digital marketing and selling becomes a necessary cross-functional, cross-industry skill set for businesses to adapt and develop: IT, communications, marketing or sales professionals, all need to keep pace with digital technologies and developments. It is essential to compete and excel in their role.


The recognition in 2016 of digital marketing as one of the 40 e-competences in the e-Competence Framework has warranted the need to develop the competences of professionals across the entire spectrum of the ICT industry to compete and excel in the growing digital economy.


Digital Marketing Institute has developed a framework through which qualifications in digital marketing can be defined, assessed, and related to each other in a way that articulates a clear progression. With these certifications candidates will have a good basis for a career in the Digital Sales & Marketing Industry.


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Digital Marketing Brochure

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