EXIN Secure Programming Foundation

EXIN Secure Programming Foundation


Cybercrime, data leaks and information security get more attention than ever in the news. Governments and companies dedicate more and more resources to these areas. However, most of their attention appears to be focused on reactive measures (“How do we catch the cyber criminals?”) instead of on preventive measures (“How do we make our systems secure?”).


In-built security of applications is worth the investment. Key in the secure software building process is education. If programmers do not understand the security of the software they are building, any additional investment in the process is useless.


What are the benefits of EXIN Secure Programming Foundation?

-          Awareness of language-neutral secure programming practices

-          Understanding security threats and necessary counter measures

-          Knowing how to use the tools to build security in



This certificate is meant for programmers or software developers, who have an interest in developing secure (web-)applications.


A training Secure Programming Foundation and knowledge of software development is highly recommended.



The exam Secure Programming Foundation is part of the Secure Programming qualification. The content is related to the Framework Secure Software, which can be downloaded from


e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

 e-CF Area   e-Competence e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
PLAN A.6. Application Design          
BUILD B.1. Application Development          
B.3. Testing          
RUN C.4. Problem Management          
ENABLE D.2. ICT Quality Strategy Development          
MANAGE   E.6. ICT Quality Management          
  E.8. Information Security Management
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-          You gain knowledge of and insight in the concept of Secure Programming.

-          You learn how to identify security threats and solutions that are related to authentication and session management.

-          You learn how to handle user input on web-forms in a secure way.

-          You gain knowledge of managing authorization for parts of your software.

-          You learn about configuration, error handling and logging, and their implications for security.

-          You gain insight in the workings and use of cryptography.

-          You learn the basics of secure software engineering.



Number of multiple-choice questions: 40

Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)

Open book: no

Electronic equipment allowed: no


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