Information Security Management Expert based on ISO/IEC 27002:2013

Information Security Management Expert based on ISO/IEC 27002:2013



基于ISO/IEC 27002:2013的信息安全专家(ISMES.EN)模块,测试的是对信息安全的制定、维护和优化的专业知识的理解和技能。 

ISO/IEC 27002:2013信息安全实践准则构建组织的信息安全,是该模块重要的出发点。



IT professionals responsible for the partial or overall set up and development of structural information security, like the Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, the Information Security Manager, ISM, or the Business Information Security Architect, BISA.



The ISMES module is the continuation of Information Security Foundation (ISFS.EN) and Information Security Management Advanced (ISMAS.EN).



  • The Information Security Foundation Certificate.
  • The Information Security Management Advanced Certificate.
  • The participant has to have at least 2 years of tangible practical experience at the management level in at least two of the main topic areas (examination requirements) of this module.


Requirements for the certificate

  • The Information Security Management Expert training course or coaching track with an EXIN accredited training provider (ATP).
  • Successful completion of the exam Information Security Management Expert.



  1. Organization of information security (establishing Information Security Management System, ISMS) 20% 
  2. Information security policy 10% 
  3. Risk analysis 10% 
  4. Organizational change and –development pertaining to Information Security 40% 
  5. Standards and norms 10% 
  6. Audits and certification 10%



Number of questions: Not relevant
Pass mark: 55%
Open book: No
Electronic equipment permitted: For presentation


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