What types of accreditation do we offer?

EXIN offers accreditation for training institutes, examination centers, trainers and course ware:


1. ATP

Accredited Training Provider (ATP)

The organization is permitted to provide accredited training* for EXIN exams. ATPs only use EXIN accredited course ware and accredited trainers chosen for their skill and certification.

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2. AEC

Accredited Examination Center (AEC)

The organization is permitted to hold EXIN exams. EXIN provides accreditation for the processes, the Supervisor and the employees responsible for order processing.



3. ACP

Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP)

After the course ware for a training course has been accredited, Accredited Course ware Providers can offer their course materials to Accredited Training Providers.



4. AT

Accredited Trainer (AT)

An ATP only works with accredited trainers either by accrediting their own employees or by hiring freelance trainers who have been accredited by EXIN. Accredited Trainers are not allowed to provide training independently, but always do this under the designation of an ATP.



* You can obtain accreditation for your training from us for all of the examination programmes specified in our portfolio.

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