EXIN® Competence Assessment

EXIN® Competence Assessment

The EXIN® Competence Assessment gives you detailed insight in 40 e-competences of your workforce:


  • The Competence Assessment specifies employees’ respective levels in each of the forty e-competences comprising the e-CF.
  • Answering the questions takes 40-60 minutes.
  • Based on their answers, the employee receives a comprehensive report, in PDF, based on objective criteria, highlighting an individual’s ICT-related strengths. All based on competences as defined in the globally recognized e-CF framework. EXIN Competence Assessment provides a thorough understanding of competences, proficiency levels and professional development options.
  • Employers and staffing-organizations get a clear and comprehensive picture of a person’s full range of competences. The Competence Assessment include full measurement of 40 competences and 5 proficiency levels. Comparing this outcome with job role requirements will help identifying targets for professional development, e.g. by training and experience.
  • An extensive individual Competence Assessment report is a perfect basis to select a next step training or deploy your workforce more effectively, while the group report serves as a heat map of the e-competences in your organization. 


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