e-Competence Role Profiler

e-Competence Role Profiler

Generally available ICT-related job role descriptions in the market rely on descriptions of specific responsibilities, tasks and deliverables. These are difficult to match with the role descriptions in other organizations or with the learning outcomes of training programs and courses. The EXIN e-Competence Role Profiler supports the definition of job role requirements in the globally recognized common language of e-CF competences. Such a description supports the gap analysis by setting a norm for comparing the assessment results of staff and the results of training and development programs.


In addition to existing job role descriptions these role profiles define the competences and understanding required for successfully performing in the role at hand. The format used for the output of the EXIN e-Competence Role Profiles is fully aligned with the de facto standard set by the CEN ICT Skills Workshop.


A tool for EXIN partners

The EXIN e-Competence Role Profiler is a tool for EXIN partners to help their customers develop a e-CF based description of job roles in an organisation. The online application fully supports the development of organization specific role profiles.


The EXIN Job Profile Translator bridges the gap between current ICT job profiles and the ICT competences needed. The e-CF principles incorporated make sure that new job profiles will match an organization’s e-competence requirements.


Target audience

Training/recruitment partners – Supporting the creation of e-CF based profiles of the competence and understanding required for an organization specific job role. The e-competence role profiles serve as a good basis for well-founded HR and employee training guidance.

HR departments – It provides custom job descriptions with granular organizational ICT competence alignment. Also, it offers a profound base for HR development and employee training decision-making.



  • Helps creating fully customized and competence based job descriptions 
  • Job profiles use the common language of e-CF
  • Provides granular insight into organizational ICT competences needed
  • First step in well-founded HR strategy and decision making
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