e-Competence Quality Labels

e-Competence Quality Labels

ICT competence building and development can help drive organizational effectiveness but where to start? What specific training elements will most likely contribute to the enhancement of specific employee competences? The e-Competence Quality Labels are explicitly developed to help bridging the gap between demand and supply in the area of ICT-related training and certification.

The e-Competence Quality Labels are an initiative of stakeholders in the ICT training and certification cooperating in the e-CF Platform led by the European e-Skills Association (EeSA). EXIN is the first awarding body for the e-Competence Quality Labels. Based on the e-competence framework e-CF and a set of quality indicators (developed in the eSkills Quality Label project project for the EU Commission) ICT-related training and certification programs and courses can distinguish themselves by two kinds of Quality Labels:

  • a Quality Label for the program providing evidence of careful development of the program and transparency about its learning outcomes, especially by providing an authorized mapping against the e-CF.
  • a Quality Label for the delivery of the program providing evidence of the quality assurance in place for delivering training according to the defined program, using qualified teachers, providing a suitable learning environment etc.


Validating training and certification

The mapping of learning outcomes to the e-CF is a requirement for the e-Competence Quality Labels. Such a mapping is extremely useful in planning the development of e-competences to match the requirement of a future job role. Once a program is awarded a Quality Label, the results of its mapping is published on the official e-Competence Quality website.


Target audience

Training/recruitment partners – Quality Labels provide independent evidence of the quality ICT-related courses and certification programs.

HR departments – The independently performed mapping of learning outcomes against the e-CF enables an objective evaluation the value of ICT training.



  • Fitting into the gap analysis between individual and ICT job profile requirements enabling selection of effective training programs
  • Granular insight based on independent professional assessment of learning outcomes of training courses
  • Quality control on the delivery of training course by independent experts
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