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Protection against cybercrime is a must. Companies and governments globally are facing an ever-increasing risk of cybercrime as every day cyber-attacks become more aggressive and extreme. Current annual cost from cybercrime to the global economy run into billions of dollars and this will only increase.  Organizations need to take more measures to protect their assets.


Ethical Hacking is such a measure: a well-known method of duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers in order to locate, evaluate and resolve hardware and software vulnerabilities.


EXIN Ethical Hacking Foundation is a basic level but hands-on certification that covers a variety of hacking related topics, including network traffic analyzing, wireless network hacking, network scanning and the penetration of computer systems and websites.


Ethical Hacking ties in perfectly with Secure Programming. The software developer builds security measures into the programming phase, and then his / her colleague then tests the software for resilience to cyber attack, using ethical hacking methods. If the program's defences do not succeed, they can be fixed before the program goes live. 


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