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Information about consumers is valuable for organizations. Data is collected and stored, enabled by new technologies. This explosion of data presents specific security challenges where personal data is concerned. Organizations, both large and small and medium enterprises, can benefit by respecting their clients’ privacy: attract new clients because your company is known for respecting their privacy.


In the European Union regulations and standards regarding the protection of data are stringent. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force in May 2016 and organizations have until May 2018 to change their policies and processes in order to fully comply. Also companies outside Europe will need to comply when doing business in Europe. Organizations do well to start now; not only is it the law, it is also about trust. Doing the right thing will enhance customer satisfaction.


One of the solutions to comply in time is to qualify staff. Having certified professionals with the right level of knowledge can help prepare your organization to face these opportunities. The EXIN Privacy & Data Protection program covers the required knowledge of legislation and regulations relating to data protection and how this knowledge can be used to be compliant.

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Privacy and Data Protection Flyer


Privacy and Data Protection flyer



KEMBIT Privacy and Data Protection Whitepaper


Whitepaper KEMBIT Privacy and Data Protection


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EUs data protection

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