TMap (Test Management Approach) has grown to become the standard for structured software testing. By obtaining the EXIN certificate TMap Suite® Test Engineer or Test Master (or the predecessors TMap NEXT Test Engineer or Test Manager), test engineers and test managers will validate their professionalism.


Continual improvement of the TMap approach has resulted in the development of the TMap Suite, for which EXIN developed new exams.


TMap is based on the Sogeti Business Driven Test Management approach. By using it, organizations increase their control over the test process.


TMap® Suite is an update of TMap taking into account the current developments within IT. Familiar and still relevant substance from TMap NEXT has been complemented with a new approach. It is a Human Driven method, very suitable for modern ‘Agile’ organizations.


TMap also describes a structured test process, from planning to completion. Test engineers and test masters have a complete toolbox for technology, infrastructure and organization. TMap can be applied in all situations and in combination with any development method.


The exams TMap NEXT® Test Engineer and TMap NEXT® Test Manager will be available until 1 May 2017.

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