Throughout the course of 2016, EXIN has focused on the themes of partnership and development.


This year EXIN launched the EXIN DevOps Master Certification and has been developing the EXIN BSC SIAM Certification together with BCS. EXIN launched the e-CF® Competence Solutions. EXIN also announced partnerships with the Cloud Credential Council and the Digital Marketing Institute. Through teaming up with our partners we have utilized our combined expertise to be able to offer an even wider portfolio of certifications. We pride ourselves on helping professionals and companies harness their potential and develop their competencies through the certifications we have created.


To reflect these themes, EXIN is supporting the charity Edukans for the second year running. We have chosen to donate money instead of sending gifts to our partners. We wanted to give you some insight into why we chose to support this charity. Edukans’ mission is to bring good quality education to underprivileged young people all over the world. This resonates strongly with what we do at EXIN.


One of the projects that Edukans set up gave vocational training to deaf youngsters in Ethiopia. By setting up a bakery they created a learning environment to equip students with the skills to become financially independent. These young adults now have valuable skills that enable them to work and support themselves for the rest of their lives. EXIN is happy to be a part of helping empower disadvantaged young adults by donating to Edukans.


EXIN strives to work together with its partners to offer and create certifications that empower professionals to take the next step in their development and their career. We look forward to continuing to make this happen next year.


We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a prosperous 2017.


The EXIN Team