EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory covers the understanding of Lean principles and the skills in Six Sigma techniques to discover issues, analyze them and improve processes using a DMAIC approach. With this certification a professional is prepared to start a project on EXIN LSSA Green Belt level. Green Belts generally work within the scope of a department or a single process. However, the impact and savings within their organization can be significant.

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EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory certification focuses on individuals who are project managers in a team or work independently, who sit on the data-driven side of Lean Six Sigma projects. These professionals often work on projects that lie within a single department, process, or expertise. This specialist-level certification requires a thorough and analytical understanding of Lean Six Sigma theories, practices, and applications, making it the ideal complement to those who have more than the basic understanding and still want to impact their organization in a smaller scope significantly.

World class performance
Policy development and employment
Project management
Creating a continuous improvement culture
Creating stable and efficient processes
Creating capable processes

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Book
H.C. Theisens
LSSA (2021)
ISBN: 9789492240323 (EN) / 9789492240262 (NL)

The practical assessment of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (required for the full belt certification) will go live June 1st 2022.

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03 hours
Number of Questions:
60 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark:
Open book:
Electronic equipment allowed:
ECTS Credits:
Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Requirements for certification:
  • Accredited training EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Successfully pass the EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory exam