Agile Business Professional – EXIN taps into Business Agility with New Certification

agile business professional

It’s been almost 20 years since the Agile Manifesto for software development was written and Agile practices are still growing in popularity across organizations. Terms such as “business agility” or “Agile business” that were initially branded as buzzwords are now being viewed more seriously. 

To learn more about the adoption of Agile practices in businesses, Harvard Business Review researched this topic in their study titled How Agile and DevOps Enable Digital Readiness and Transformation. Although the data showed that many organizations are currently not truly Agile, 80% of the respondents said they applied the mindset and respective frameworks in all of the main business functions.   

The Agile mindset is increasingly being adopted outside of software development and IT teams. As a result, the need for professionals who understand the manifesto and its principles and can apply them in a business context is rising. To meet this demand, EXIN created the EXIN Agile Business Professional certification, the newest addition to the already well-known EXIN Agile Scrum certification program.  

Exams for this new certification can be booked from November 2nd, 2020. Professionals and training organizations who want to find out more about what it takes to get certified can refer to the certification page. 

About EXIN Agile Business Professional

EXIN’s Agile Scrum program currently features a foundation level certification that covers the fundamental aspects of Agile principles and Scrum methodology, as well as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach certifications. Overall, the program was created specifically with certifications that align with specific roles in a Scrum team. 

From a knowledge and skills perspective, EXIN Agile Business Professional gives a new dimension to the certification program. It helps professionals to tap into agility at the business level, regardless of the Agile framework used in their organization. The certification itself gives a general perspective and is not tied to one specific Agile methodologies or frameworks. It can also be used as a steppingstone to Agile Coach, the highest level certification in the program. 

We (EXIN) have already certified tens of thousands of professionals in the Agile domain, and the Agile Business Professional certification is the next logical step in supporting agile skills development.  

Developing business agility is a crucial capability for organizations in today’s environment where change is the only given. We can see that Agile ways of working are no longer limited to software development teams but are being applied in all areas of the organization. This offers business professionals the opportunity to develop the skills they need to become true facilitators of organizational change – a skillset which is very highly valued in today’s competitive market. 

Suzanne Galletly, Portfolio Director at EXIN 

Preparing for the exam 

To become certified, candidates must pass the EXIN Agile Business Professional exam with a pass mark of 65% or higher. After which they will receive a certification and digital badge. The exam consists of 30 multiplechoice questions. The completion of practical assignments is a requirement in order to become certified. Although training is not mandatory, accredited training is strongly recommended.  

At the moment of launch, all materials and the exam are available in English only. 

For training organizations 

Training organizations that want to learn more about the certification program can download the EXIN Agile Business Professional brochure. For more details about the accreditation process, please contact the EXIN support team.