3 Pillars of Every Scrum Strategy

Scrum, the most-used agile method, is emerging. Successful companies like Spotify, Google, and ING are working according to Scrum methodology. Many other organizations are looking into this new way of working.

What is the Scrum method? Small, multidisciplinary teams break their work into actions that can be completed within fixed-duration cycles called 'sprints'. They track progress and re-plan in daily, 15-minute stand-up meetings and collaborate to complete the deliverables of every sprint. To understand how Scrum works, you have to know the 3 roles in the method.

Scrum Master: Not an Old-fashioned Team Lead

The Scrum Master is not a traditional team lead or project manager. He acts as a buffer between the team and any distracting influences. His role is to facilitate. He is responsible for removing any obstacles that prevent the team from delivering their goals.

At the moment, many organizations have vacancies for Scrum Masters, and many of these are high-paying positions. The skills for this function are certainly the skills you should want to learn.

Some Scrum Master functions are interim jobs. For example, renewal of the Rabobank website was facilitated by an external Scrum Master.

Product Owner: the Link to the Business

The Product Owner represents the product's stakeholders and the voice of the customer. She is accountable for ensuring that the team delivers value to the business. She is the link between the Scrum team and the business.

Development Team: Building the Product

The team has between 3 and 9 members who carry out all tasks required to build the product increments. Several disciplines will be represented in the team, but its members are all referred to as 'developers'.

The Development Team in Scrum is self-organizing, though there may be interaction with other roles outside the team.

Become Agile Scrum Certified

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