3 Reasons SIAM and DevOps Are an Excellent Combination

Two of the hottest new trends in IT are Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and DevOps. These phenomena bring many opportunities to organizations. What will happen when both are combined? The possibilities are endless.

SIAM in a DevOps Culture

SIAM is all about the integration of services. DevOps is designed to deliver working software and solutions at pace, with a culture of full ownership and empowerment of the DevOps team. This can seem at odds with the governance and assurance roles of the service integrator, and it can cause tension with the service providers who have adopted DevOps. The service integrator can be seen to add delay to the implementation of change with no added value. But there is a flipside.

The SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge describes some fascinating ways SIAM and DevOps complement each other. The concepts from DevOps that relate to behavior can be useful in building a strong culture in SIAM ecosystems. The focus on culture and sharing stimulate collaboration and communication throughout the service lifecycle. Co-located, multi-disciplinary teams will all share the goal of delivering outcomes that the customer wants.

  1. Everyone is Responsible

In DevOps, the whole team is responsible for getting things done. Contrast that with a typical IT service management approach. In it, a single individual is expected to be accountable. Using collective accountability in SIAM ecosystems can help to create a collaborative culture. Many people think such a transformation is only for start-ups or “cool” companies like Netflix, but bigger organizations shouldn’t lag behind in this competitive age.

  1. Automation as Part of an Organization’s Culture

Automation is an important part of DevOps. It can speed up delivery and reduce risks which will benefit SIAM ecosystems. Automation can also overcome problems caused by a lack of integrated toolsets. It really works. When Siemens moved to SIAM, they went through a cultural change which helped them automate their work processes.

  1. Failure is an Option

DevOps also stimulates a culture of experimenting with and learning different ways of working. So, failures are a learning opportunity. This approach can strengthen the culture of collaboration in a SIAM ecosystem. It is a way of looking at things that can benefit companies who need to innovate.

SIAM, DevOps, and EXIN

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