4 Core Beliefs of the DevOps Philosophy

Unlike Agile, DevOps lacks a manifesto. Still, there are some people who have tried to formulate a DevOps philosophy. After looking into some existing DevOps definitions, we take a look at the DevOps practice of successful organizations.

Gartner: Tool-Centric Philosophy

Gartner calls DevOps 'not a market, but a tool-centric philosophy that supports a continuous delivery value chain', adding:

"Sometimes called Agile done right, DevOps is a philosophy and a way of life for many successful enterprises even though there is no definitive framework or defining authority. Continual learning and improvement are at the heart of DevOps and so even if organizations start at the same place, they will be significantly different in just a few cycles."

4 Core Beliefs of DevOps Thinking

The SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge describes DevOps as a flexible philosophy, not a standard or a framework with prescriptive processes. The most important core values that the Body of Knowledge notes, are:

  1. Ownership and accountability: Teams are fully committed from concept to product. For example, 'throwing it over the wall' is not allowed. If you don't like the sound of 'that is not my work', you may really like DevOps. That's why Etsy implemented an open door policy in its organization.
  2. Systems thinking: The performance of the entire system takes precedence over the performance of a specific silo of work or department. Implementing DevOps at ING impacted the whole organization.
  3. Continual experimentation and learning: Organizations need to change constantly in the light of changing circumstances. Measurement is key because you can't improve what you cannot measure. Translation platform Gengo uses smart monitoring. One of the goals is freeing up time for the team to innovate.
  4. Automation: This ensures fast feedback throughout the DevOps pipeline. Adequate tools are necessary. An example is the Cisco CloudCenter solution that supports automated DevOps and continuous delivery strategies.

EXIN DevOps Certification Program

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