The 5 Best SIAM Articles of the Year

Many organizations are moving towards an environment where services are sourced from several service providers rather than just one. This phenomenon is called Service Integration and Management (SIAM). At EXIN, we know the importance of this approach and the skills you need to succeed with SIAM. These are the 5 best articles our experts wrote about SIAM this year.


What Is SIAM and Why is it Important?

Let's begin with a definition. In this article, we describe what SIAM really is: an approach to managing multiple suppliers of business services as well as IT services. Furthermore, we give you 7 reasons why SIAM will benefit your organization.


4 Fascinating Findings from the Global SIAM Survey

BCS and EXIN conducted a survey about the use of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) in organizations. The survey was conducted on almost 3,800 professionals across 119 countries drawn from different domains, not just IT. This article describes the 4 most interesting findings in the survey.


How to Deploy SIAM

Companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of SIAM should make their decisions after careful deliberation. Inspired by the authoritative SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge, we give a comprehensive overview of how to deploy SIAM in your organization. We describe the 4 stages in the SIAM roadmap.

3 Reasons SIAM and DevOps Are an Excellent Combination

SIAM and DevOps bring many opportunities to organizations. What will happen when both are combined? The concepts from DevOps that relate to behavior can be useful in building a strong culture in SIAM ecosystems. The focus on culture and sharing stimulate collaboration and communication throughout the service lifecycle. Co-located, multi-disciplinary teams will all share the goal of delivering outcomes that the customer wants.


3 Layers of SIAM Explained

Each SIAM ecosystem has 3 layers. What are these layers, what is their role, and how can you imagine such a layer in a practical scenario?

SIAM Certification

EXIN understands the growing demand for training and certification on SIAM. The SIAM certification offered by EXIN and BCS is vendor-neutral, recognized worldwide, and based on the e-Competence Framework. This is the only SIAM certification program available worldwide.

It provides practitioners with the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. There are many certified ITSM professionals these days, but few of them have specific skills in the area of service integration. SIAM certification helps organizations reduce costs and improve the quality of their services which result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.