Agile Skills for Professionals in a Changing Landscape

Unlocking their own potential with Agile skills has become a top priority for professionals in every domain. Very few industries are being left untouched by the fast-paced changes that are taking place throughout the world. To meet the challenges of this dynamic new environment, Agile emerged in the early 2000s. It has gone on to inspire many different Agile-based ways of working in response to a market that moves faster than traditional development teams can. Arie van Bennekum, one of the original authors behind the Agile Manifesto, has observed that: 

“In today’s age of digital products and services, where change is the only certainty, an Agile mindset is needed more than ever. This means that those involved in developing products need to have the right skills to make sure they can quickly respond to change.”

In Developing Agile Competences for the Digital Age Suzanne Galletly, EXIN’s Portfolio Director, and Arie Van Bennekum give their take on Agile. How it fits in with the rapidly changing business and IT landscape, and how EXIN’s certification program meets the needs of professionals who want to thrive in it. EXIN enables professionals from every background to learn the Agile mindset and skills required to embrace an Agile career.

To download EXIN's Agile Scrum Vision, go to our dedicated Agile Scrum site.