EXIN Blockchain: Essentials vs. Foundation - A Comparison

Blockchain is being applied more and more in a wide range of industries. The widespread adoption of Blockchain makes it increasingly important to know what the technology is and what opportunities it creates. Understanding Blockchain is valuable not just for the software developers and Blockchain engineers but for anyone who is considering applying blockchain in their business or making use of it in their everyday life.

At the start of 2020, EXIN introduced the EXIN Blockchain certification program for the professionals who want to do exactly that. The program contains two certifications: EXIN Blockchain Essentials and EXIN Blockchain Foundation. But which one is the right one for you? In this article, we will explain the differences between the two so you can decide which certification will provide you with the Blockchain knowledge that you need.

The EXIN Blockchain Certification Program

Before we begin, it’s important to explain the program's context and which Blockchain knowledge it covers.

EXIN created the Blockchain certification program so that professionals can learn about and understand this emerging technology. The focus is on how Blockchain works and what the applications and impact are on economic, social, and governmental affairs. The program is not overly technical so that everyone can access Blockchain knowledge irrespective of their background or current profession. The program also looks at Blockchain as a whole instead of only within the context of cryptography, as Blockchain technology has many different applications that are sometimes overshadowed by the part it plays in cryptocurrency.

The program content is based on the book ‘Introduction to Blockchain: The many faces of blockchain technology in the 21st century’ by Tiana Laurence. To create the exams, EXIN combined the book with the expertise of international Blockchain specialists. This combination is what makes EXIN Blockchain certifications so effective in providing you with knowledge of Blockchain without needing previous experience of the technology. 

Essentials vs. Foundation

The program features two certifications: EXIN Blockchain Essentials and EXIN Blockchain Foundation. Although there are similarities between these two, there are differences between the two that makes it so that you can choose based on what your goals are. To help you make your choice, we explain exactly what those differences are so you can find the best fit for you.

The Essentials certification is ideal for professionals involved in business operations in any domain who want to understand how the technology works. To get the most out of this certification, it is not necessary to work in a domain where blockchain is already applied. This makes the Essentials certification a good fit for professionals who are interested in knowing more about the technology, either for business purposes, private purposes, or simply because you are curious.

The Foundation certification is designed for individuals in Business or IT who have a professional role in blockchain as a cryptographic and smart contract solution. This certification is also a great way for someone who aspires to such a role to demonstrate they have the knowledge required to succeed. If you are already working with blockchain or have the ambition to do so, this is the certification for you.

The topics covered in the Blockchain Essentials certification are a subset of the ones included as part of Blockchain Foundation. However, the Foundation certification goes into more depth on these topics and builds on the knowledge featured in Essentials. EXIN Blockchain Foundation prepares you to apply blockchain in your organization by teaching you to identify opportunities and understand how Blockchain can improve your business. Because of this, the Foundation certification dives deeper into the technology and techniques behind Blockchain than the Essentials. While the Essentials certification will still teach you the basics of Blockchain and its applications, its focus is limited to the knowledge required to equip you with a basic understanding of Blockchain.

Exam Topics

The EXIN Blockchain program consists of 4 topics that, in combination, make up the content of the program. Below you can find an overview of these topics, what each topic covers, and what the differences are between the two certifications regarding how they cover these topics. If you are interested in knowing exactly where the two differ regarding the exam topics,

  • Blockchain Basics

The topic Blockchain Basics covers how a blockchain works and which elements are a part of a blockchain. The Essentials certification focuses on the basic elements, such as mining, ledgers, tokens, and more. The Foundation certification, meanwhile, goes into more depth about the different elements by explaining hashes and private/public keys. It also looks at the types of consensus algorithms that make up the structure of a blockchain.

  • Blockchain Challenges

Blockchain Challenges explains the challenges and risks that come with a blockchain, such as fraud and scams. Professionals who take the Essentials exam will be able to identify these risks and vulnerabilities as well as explain how to mitigate them using a public witness. The Foundation certification builds on this by investigating how other blockchain elements, aside from the public witness, can mitigate the risks.

  • Applications of a Blockchain

Blockchain has many different applications that are already in use today. In both EXIN Blockchain certifications, many of these applications are covered and explained, as well as the overall reasons as to why and when blockchain is useful. The certifications also look at blockchain as a smart-contract solution, blockchain & security, and uses of blockchain in the world economy. The Foundation certification expands on this by teaching professionals how to identify the different blockchain networks so that they possess the knowledge of which blockchain network to use to achieve their goals.

  • Blockchain Innovations

Where the topic Applications of a Blockchain covers the applications that have already been discovered and are being used, Blockchain Innovations covers some of the applications that are still yet to be discovered fully. Such applications include possible applications in banking, Intellectual Property (IP) protection, and insurance. In the Foundation certification, the potential of more technical applications within e-mail processes and the trust layer of the internet are also examined.

Simply put, Blockchain Foundation does not exclude any topics covered by Blockchain Essentials but instead enriches and elaborates on them. The Foundation certification is best suited to professionals that need to know the full potential and applications of blockchain for the benefit of the business. The Essentials certification is a good way of getting a feel for what blockchain is and how blockchain will develop in the future without going into too much technical detail.


Comparison Overview

Beginning with Blockchain

In the end, there is no wrong choice when it comes to picking between the two certifications. It is only important to define what you want or need to learn and how you want to apply this knowledge. This article has, hopefully, given you the information you need to decide as to which step you will take on your path to understanding Blockchain.

For both of the EXIN Blockchain certifications, training isn’t mandatory which means that you can choose from various learning options including self-study, eLearning, or training. EXIN Blockchain Essentials is available in English, while EXIN Blockchain Foundation is currently available in English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, and French. To see which training and exam options are available in your region, you can use the Get Certified tool and select your preferred learning method.