EXIN BSC SIAM™ Update – Refreshed Certification Content Released!

With the arrival of Spring, a rather different new arrival has come for SIAM. EXIN has updated the content for EXIN BCS SIAM Foundation and EXIN BCS SIAM Professional. Both of the refreshed exams can be taken as of today – for a limited time, you can choose between the existing and new exam content.

This update comes as a result of the release of refreshed Bodies of Knowledge for SIAM Foundation and SIAM Professional. Having been published in 2017 and 2018 respectively, it’s been 3 years since these resources were initially released. In the fast-paced SIAM industry, these years have seen a number of interesting developments. The SIAM Architect group have stated that:

‘It was important to refresh the BoK’s since SIAM has never been more important than it is today. To remain competitive and relevant, organisations need to be increasingly adaptable, agile, innovative and able to respond quickly to changing business requirements.’From the Architect’s Desk – SIAM™ – the Professional refresh.

Of course, at EXIN, we want to ensure that anyone who is working towards a SIAM certification can reap the benefits of this updated content. Professionals who are working towards their certification can, as of 1 April, select which version of the exam they want to take. So there’s still time to opt for the refreshed version if you prefer. The refreshed SIAM Bodies of Knowledge are available to download for free from the Scopism website. Anyone who is already certified in either EXIN BCS SIAM Foundation or EXIN BSC SIAM Professional can rest assured that their certificate is, and remains, valid.

To find out more about exactly what was changed and why, you can also watch episode 65 of ITSM Crowd – SIAM in 2020 produced by ITSM Zone and Scopism. Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Simon Dorst will provide insights and explanations about the main changes on the SIAM Body of Knowledge.

EXIN partners who are accredited for SIAM can find more information on the new and improved exam material page. If you are a training organization and would like to find out more about the SIAM program and how to get accredited, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.