EXIN Cloud Computing – New Study Material Available for Download

As a part of the update of the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification exam (English version) planned for August 1st, EXIN created a dedicated workbook for professionals looking to become certified. The workbook is available in English and is available for download for free from EXIN’s website.  

Initially launched in May 2011, the EXIN Cloud Computing exam has undergone multiple updates. We ensured the content of the certification aligns with the latest technologies and practices in the domain. The latest version of the exam is accompanied by a workbook, as the only required reading material. With it, the goal is to facilitate a professional’s learning journey. To become certified, a professional only needs to download the document, study it, and then sit the exam.  

What’s in the workbook?  

The workbook is based on multiple industry-renowned books, reports, and articles. The piece provides a clear understanding of cloud computing basics and an overview of what and how to use the different technologies available.   

The different chapters focus on:  

  • The principles of Cloud Computing;   

  • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing;  

  • Using the Cloud;  

  • Cloud security, identity, and privacy;  

  • Evaluation of Cloud Computing;  

  • Evaluation of Cloud Computing implementations  

Each topic is followed by an exam preparation section with an answer key to help test one’s understanding right away.   

Preparing for the exam  

If you are professional on your way to get certified, rest assured! Between August 1st and September 30th, both versions of the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation exam are available. The same goes for their respective exam literature.   

On the other hand, if you start your learning process, you can already download the free workbook.   

For training organizations  

Accredited partners in EXIN Cloud Computing (English) are required to update their training material according to the new exam requirements. Localizations for the other languages will soon follow. For more details, visit the new and improved exam material page.  

If you are a training organization looking to find out more about the program and get accredited, don’t hesitate to contact our support team