EXIN launches EXeed Open Badging Platform.


Utrecht, The Netherlands, 25 January 2018 – EXeed is a brand-new Open Badging platform which has been created by EXIN to bring the simple and secure sharing of certification achievements to professionals everywhere. The EXeed platform can verify these digital credentials instantly and offers the option of sharing badges via LinkedIn and other social media channels.

EXeed features an easy-to-use interface with open badges that can be added to a social media profile or shared through a news feed. As the badges are securely linked to the EXIN certification database, they are fraud resistant and can be verified instantly. The platform was made to be Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant so that it is compatible with other badging platforms and Mozilla’s backpack.

 “The strength of the EXeed Open Badging platform is that it enables professionals who have been certified by EXIN to share their certifications easily and safely. EXeed was created to give professionals a state-of-the-art solution to share their credentials with their communities.”, said Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN.

Upon launch, the EXeed Open Badging platform will offer 14 digital badges. The number of badges will be increased at a later date to include all of the programs in the EXIN portfolio. The badge for the new VeriSM™ Service Management certification is already available. EXIN has a number of further features planned for the future including accreditation badges for their partners. Professionals who are certified via EXIN can access EXeed via www.exeed.pro.