EXIN Launches the EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Certification Program

As technological development has sped up, AI (artificial intelligence) has become a great driver of innovation across the world. Initially IT-focused, AI has now applications in many domains including healthcare, finance, and retail. 

With this increase in use of AI across a wide range of industries, the need for education in this field has also grown exponentially. To meet this demand, EXIN and BCS have developed the Artificial Intelligence certification program. The first available module within the program is EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials


What will candidates learn: 

By taking the exam, candidates gain a basic knowledge of artificial and human intelligence. They can see what the benefits, challenges, and risks are when using AI. They also get a short introduction to machine learning and insights into the future of artificial intelligence. 

We are excited to bring the AI program to the market, together with our partner, BCS. With the certification program, we wanted to make sure candidates get a full grasp of what AI is.  The curriculum was expanded to include connections with other domains (including machine learning and robotics), and the ethical and sustainable use of AI. We aim to equip professionals with the knowledge they need to excel in this new and complex domain.’ Ademar Albertin, Product Owner at EXIN. 

About the exam:

To successfully pass the exam and receive their certification, candidates must take a 30-minute exam with a grade the is equal to or higher than 65%. There are 20 questions to answer in the alloted time. After preparing for the exam by self-study, you can test your knowledge by doing the sample exam. This is available on the Artificial Intelligence Essentials certification page, under the ‘Downloads’ section. In the same section, you’ll find the preparation guide, which includes a list of the required reading and basic concepts. EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials is also mapped against the European e-Competence framework. All materials and the exam are currently only available in English. 

Would you like to learn more about the certification and how to achieve it? Then take a look at the Artificial Intelligence page