EXIN launches the EXIN Blockchain certification program

Since first emerging in 2008 as a public transaction ledger for cryptocurrency, Blockchain has become one of the newest technologies to keep an eye on. Companies and governments have discovered new applications for the technology, such as safely storing data and records and preventing fraud and data manipulation.  

With the technology becoming more widely used, there is an increasing need for a basic understanding of how Blockchain works. To help create this understanding EXIN has developed the EXIN Blockchain certification program. The program will first consist of 2 modules, EXIN Blockchain Essentials and EXIN Blockchain Foundation. 

The certification program focuses on the wider applications of Blockchain including the potential and benefits the technology can offer to organizations and society in general. It is meant for any professional who is interested in Blockchain as a cryptographic and smart contract solution. 

EXIN has created an infographic to explain what Blockchain is and how it has evolved to benefit governments and organizations worldwide.

Blockchain Infographic

Download the infographic here

Would you like to know more about the EXIN Blockchain certification program? Visit the Blockchain module pages: 
EXIN Blockchain Foundation
EXIN Blockchain Essentials

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