EXIN launches the EXIN DevSecOps Career Path

Since its conception, DevOps has managed to close the gap between Development and Operations, creating an environment of faster go-to-market and continuous delivery of products and services. With software development cycles becoming more fast-paced, having a separate security team was no longer enough, as it simply didn’t move fast enough to keep up. Because of this, DevOps professionals started incorporating security in the DevOps progress to make sure that security is being considered in all stages. This is how DevSecOps was born.   

DevSecOps should therefore be considered as an evolution of DevOps and not as a replacement. To help professionals with keeping up with this trend, EXIN created the EXIN DevSecOps Career Path. The new EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification combines all the knowledge required to work in a DevOps team with an added element of Information Security, ensuring that you can transition yourself or your team towards DevSecOps.


The EXIN DevSecOps Manager consists of the following certifications, including a practical assignment specifically created for this Career Path:  

First, you start on the foundation level, creating a basic level of knowledge of the Agile/Lean way of working. You have the option between three certifications, allowing you to personalize the Career Path based on your existing knowledge.  

After this, you move on to the advanced level certifications, with EXIN Information Security Management Professional. This certification is based on the International Standard ISO/IEC 27001, and provides you the knowledge of the organizational, physical, and technical aspects of information security. One of the practical assignments in this certification focuses on security considerations in a DevOps context.  

Lastly, you will achieve the EXIN DevOps Professional certification, testing you on your understanding of essential DevOps knowledge.  


To become an EXIN DevSecOps Manager, you will have to obtain all the required certifications. After this, you will automatically receive the EXIN DevSecOps Manager digital badge. If you already have one or more of the required certifications, you can simply undertake the other certifications at your own pace to become a Certified EXIN DevSecOps Manager. If you have already obtained the necessary certifications, please contact our support team to get your EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification and badge.

Are you interested in finding out more? Check out the Career Path page to view more information and the specific certifications you need to achieve it.