EXIN Agile Business Professional - EXIN taps into Business Agility with New Certification

Organizations everywhere are adopting Agile practices and frameworks and no longer just in software development and IT teams. It’s now almost twenty years since the Agile Manifesto for software development appeared, and terms such as ‘business agility’ or ‘Agile business’ became seen as buzzwords. However, these terms are no longer buzzwords; instead, they reflect the increasing need for business-focused professionals. As Agile’s popularity grows steadily, EXIN aims to empower professionals to understand the Agile manifesto principles and apply them in a business context. 

In light of this, we are excited to announce that on November 2nd, we will launch the newest EXIN Agile Scrum certification, EXIN Agile Business Professional. This certification lets professionals tap into agility at the business level, regardless of the Agile framework used in their organization.  

In the coming month, more activities around the launch will take place.

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