Strategic Alliance itSMF USA and LITA

Utrecht, October 3, 2016 - The Lean IT Association, that EXIN is part of, and the itSMF Forum USA are proud to announce our new Strategic Alliance. 

itSMF, an internationally recognized professional organization that promotes the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, standards and qualifications and LITA have joined forces to advance the value chain of IT Service Management. We believe the benefit of this strategic alliance between itSMF USA and LITA will provide an avenue for Holistic Life Cycle thinking for IT Service Management Professionals, and promote Service Management and Lean IT universal principles and synergies; both itSMF & LITA members will benefit from shared ideas and mutual member benefits. Our goal is to inform and enable Enterprise Organizations about how they can benefit from employing principles from both IT Service Management and Lean IT. We are excited about our new Alliance as together we will build a comprehensive program of activities for Service Management and Lean IT professionals. 

Why do we believe in Lean IT?

IT Enterprises are finding themselves in the midst of digital/IT Transformations. They are seeking out ways to advance key legacy applications, while at the same time taking advantage of the new digital and cloud based applications that are driving change and disruption in the IT service management space. Lean IT offers a proven, reliable, well-founded solution to help organizations address those challenges. Lean principles focus on operational excellence, strategy, reduction of waste, and the quest for continual service improvement. It provides IT professionals and teams working tools and an approach to effectively improve the quality of their processes. Lean IT brings real value to organizations. 

Why a Strategic Alliance between itSMF USA and LITA?

At itSMF, we are always looking for ways to advance and extend the value stream of IT Service Management among our members and their clients. We believe that this strategic alliance with LITA will expose our members to an industry standard set of Lean IT reference materials and resources for our Practitioner organizations. We fundamentally believe that by providing our members with a clear understanding of the value and positioning of Lean IT about other bodies of knowledge in the IT Service Management space will help them in their efforts to continue to provide expertise and leadership to their clients," says Pamela Erskine, President itSMF USA. 

"From a LITA perspective, we believe the synergy with ITSM, Agile, DevOps and Lean IT are critical elements for organizations that want to optimize, improve, collaborate and continually improve the quality of their IT services. In terms of advancing the ITSM value chain we know that Lean IT Best Practices have been proven to help decrease defects up to 80% and improve productivity up to 25%. We are excited about our new alliance with itSMF USA and look forward to working strategically with them as well as other itSMF chapters globally to position how to best advance and enhance value in the IT Service Management space", says Bernd Taselaar, Chairman of LITA.

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