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Having control of organizational assets can not only save time and money, but it can also optimize the resources needed to deliver optimal services for customers. Fines can be avoided by having the right information on time and in a protected manner. In today's digital world, professionals need to have a broad set of competences, combining specialist knowledge with a broader understanding of various disciplines, and how they can be combined to add value to the business. 

The Certified Integrator Secure Sevice Assets brings the most relevant competences for protecting assets in today's digital world, combining Service Management, Information Security and IT Asset Management to enable professionals to understand the complete chain, impacts, and business benefits for organizations.

The EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets certification has been created specifically to give professionals broad background knowledge needed in the asset security domain. This makes it ideal for people who are just starting out in this area and for professionals who are changing direction in their careers. The combination of the related programs that contribute to this certification leads to a strong basis that professionals can build the rest of their careers on.

Structure of EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets:

This certification combines 3 different certifications from 3 EXIN programs. You can select any module from the program to count towards your certification.

Within the EXIN Secure Service Assets Certified Integrator there are alternative certifications that are accepted as a replacement for the ones that are shown. For a full list of currently allowed alternatives see the document here.


EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets


Candidates can choose any certification from the VeriSM™ or EXIN IT Service Management programs to create the basis of their Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets.


VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach for the digital age. It helps organizations to work flexibly, focus on business value, and understand the many progressive practices available. The certification program is based on the VeriSM™ model which emphasizes organizational goals and outcomes. It includes a management mesh which offers a flexible approach that can be adapted to suit timely establishment and improvement of products or services. The mesh includes resources, environment, technologies and management practices. The program literature, the VeriSM™ Body of Knowledge, was created with over 70 contributing authors and reviewers including thought leaders in the domain of Service Management from all over the world.

EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000

EXIN IT Service Management focuses less on the theory and more on the practical side of ITSM. It combines key IT service management elements with the quality principles of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. The EXIN IT Service Management certification program offers several side-entry and bridge possibilities for those professionals with ITSM qualifications.

EXIN's certification program IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 and Changes in the ISO/IEC 20000 standard.

Version 2018 of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard has been released.

The main changes are summarized below.

The impact of these changes on the certification content are minimal. EXIN’s certification based on ISO/IEC 20000 tests your understanding of IT service management using ISO/IEC 20000 as a guideline, as opposed to testing knowledge of the standard. Moreover EXIN’s certifications have a lifetime validity so if you do your exam now your certificate remains valid.

The main changes in the standard:

a) it is restructured into the high level structure used for all management system standards (Annex SL). This introduces new common requirements for context of the organization, planning to achieve objectives and actions to address risks and opportunities. There are some updated previous requirements, for example, documented information, resources, competence and awareness;

b) growing trends in service management have been taken into account, such as commoditization of services, management of multiple suppliers by a service integrator and the need to determine value of services for customers;

c) addition of requirements about knowledge and planning the services;

d) separated out previously combined clauses (for example incident management and service request management, service continuity management and service availability management);

e) the organization cannot demonstrate conformity if other parties are used to provide or operate all services, service components or processes within the scope of the SMS;

f) changes to definitions, mostly due to Annex SL.

g) minimized the required documented information leaving only key documents such as the service management plan.


A clear overview of the changes in the 2018 edition can be found in 'A Guide to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Service Management' by Dolf van der Haven ISBN 9781912651344


The focus on the security element and gives candidates the choice of a certification from the EXIN Information Security Management program.

EXIN Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001

The EXIN Information Security Management (based on ISO/IEC 27001) certification program is designed to instill a security-conscious mindset for employees on every level within organizations. Each of the exams includes practical skills for handling confidential information. Professionals benefit from learning the essentials of managing in-house security policies from set up to implementation and monitoring. EXIN Information Security qualifications are based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Lastly, to focus on asset management, the final certification for the Certified Integrator Secure Asset Management needs to come from EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management.

EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management

Organizations have to deal with increasingly more complex IT setups, both virtual and physical. The EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management certification program is designed to enable professionals to regain control by providing the knowledge required to improve governance, information security, cost control, contract management, operational efficiency, and risk reduction. ITAMOrg IT Asset Management refers to several standards (including ISO 55000 and ISO 19770) and best practices through EXIN’s partnership with ITAMOrg and their community of practitioners.

How do I get an EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets certification?

After you have completed the 3 required certifications you will automatically be awarded the EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Service Assets certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool and select the certification you wish to attain first. If you would like to find out more information, please contact our support team: