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EXIN Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services

The EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services certification has been created specifically to give professionals broad background knowledge needed in the cloud security domain. This makes it ideal for people who are just starting out in this area and for professionals who are changing direction in their careers. The combination of the related programs that contribute to this certification leads to a strong basis that professionals can build the rest of their careers on.

Professionals will be able to use any apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the certified integrator to be more effective in their (junior) cloud security role. The combination of IT Service Management or VeriSM, Cloud Computing, and Security Management will provide professionals with the broad background knowledge required to understand the context of their own role within cloud security and in their organization.

Certification information

Cloud computing is changing the way IT services are developed, procured and delivered. The effect is a radical change of IT roles or even their elimination. New opportunities will arise for professionals with business expertise; professionals who combine a broad understanding of IT developments and the skills to integrate specializations. IT needs cloud integrators. EXIN tackles these concerns and changes with an integrated approach. For professionals who are willing to develop the necessary skills EXIN now offers the certification: Secure Cloud Services. This EXIN certification focuses on the interconnection of three domains: Service Management, Cloud Computing, and IT Security.

The Secure Cloud Services certified integrator has been created to offer professionals a structured way to improve their broad, contextual knowledge to help them to become a T-shaped professional. Professionals who are starting their career in the cloud security domain stand to benefit from a specialized certification that will create a base for them to build on with a specialism in cloud security.

Become an EXIN Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services

This certification combines 3 different certifications from 3 EXIN programs. You can select any module from the program to count towards your certification.

Certified Integrator Structure

For the Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services, it’s important to build a solid, basic understanding of Service Management. You can choose any level of certification from the list of programs below to fulfill this element of the requirements.



EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000

As the Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services focuses on cloud technology, it is essential to have a good understanding of cloud computing. You can select EXIN Cloud Computing for this part of the certified integrator certification.

EXIN Cloud Computing

To cover the subject of security you can choose between Information Security or Cyber & IT Security. Once you’ve passed a module in either of those programs, you will have completed the 3 requirements for the Certified Integrator.

EXIN Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001

EXIN Cyber and IT Security

How do I become an EXIN Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services?

How do I become an EXIN Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services?

After completing the three required certifications, you will automatically be awarded the EXIN Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool and select the certification you wish to attain first. If you would like to find out more information, please contact our support team.


You can check on this file the exceptions that can be used to achieve this EXIN Certified Integrator certification. Note that only one exception can be applied for each of the EXIN Certified Integrator certifications.