Certified Integrator Agile Services

Run a service organization and deliver the added value the business requires... It is certainly not a new theme, but still something that many service managers are struggling with. Similarly, project managers find it difficult to timely deliver what the business needs.

In line with the agile way of thinking, a combination of dominant best practices will ensure the best results for our customers from each framework. Projects can be governed by applying project management principles, while Scrum practices safeguard the delivery of prioritized products. Developing a new service can be a project handled in an Agile way. Involving service management knowledge will increase the acceptance of new products and services and will warrant a quality delivery of service. EXIN tackles these concerns and changes with an integrated approach. For professionals who are willing to develop the necessary skills EXIN now offers a new certification: Agile Service Projects.This EXIN certification focuses on the interconnection of three IT domains: Service Management, Project Management, and Agile Scrum.

Obtain three foundation certificates in EXIN Agile Scrum, Project Management, and (IT-) Service Management, and receive the EXIN certificate EXIN Certified Integrator - Agile Service Projects.


Why become a


  • Companies today want generalists, with solid knowledge in adjacent domains
  • Being certified in Agile Scrum, Project Management, and Service Management in their shared context, professionals have a better understanding of their relationships
  • Easily adapt to changing roles in an organization

Benefits for companies

  • Increased customer satisfaction by delivering the right requirements
  • Higher success rate of projects; delivery within time and budget
  • More creativity and flexibility to exploit the evolving business needs

About the Certifications

You will be granted the EXIN certificate Certified Integrator – Agile Service Projects when you possess certificates in Project Management, EXIN Agile Scrum and (IT) Service Management.

EXIN Agile Scrum

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation is a certification that validates a professional’s blended knowledge in Agile methodologies and Scrum practices. Agile Scrum is about working together to successfully reach the goal.


Any certificate in the VeriSM™ program. A service management approach for the digital age, VeriSM™ is an approach which guides professionals in choosing appropriate management practices. It also looks at progressive practices and new technologies in the service management domain. An ITIL certificate can be a substitute.


EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000

Any certificate in the EXIN IT Service Management program based on ISO/IEC 20000. This program is concise and practical. It is role-based and only focuses on the essential things you should do in the field of IT Service Management. An ITIL certificate can be a substitute.


Any certificate in the EXIN BCS SIAM™ program. This program looks at the methodology to manage multiple service providers and integrate them seamlessly to create a single business-facing IT organization.
An ITIL certificate can be a substitute.

Project Management

These Project Management certifications are meant for IT Professionals who want to learn how to manage IT projects. The Japanese PMAJ certificate and the EXIN Project Management Foundation certificate (only available in Dutch) can be substitutes.